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Learning The Secrets About Options

The Treatment of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is a disease condition that causes enlargement of breasts in men. This results into broadening of their breasts when they reach puberty. The condition is mostly caused by an imbalance of hormones in the body. Such hormones include progesterone and testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for male characteristics. Very high progesterone levels inhibits its functioning. This is what majorly results into the breasts enlarging. Treatments for gynecomastia are usually aimed at reducing the levels of progesterone in the male bodies.

There are various modes of treatment applied for this condition. It is believed in some cases that the condition reverses itself over time. Consultation of doctors is necessary for those who find themselves in this condition. To see if the condition improves over time, the doctors will recommend regular checkups. If there is an improvement, no treatment is required. The size of the breasts naturally decrease. However, it is important to maintain regular visits to the doctor until it completely goes back to normal.

For treatment of gynecomastia; medications such as tamoxifen can be applied. This is commonly used to treat breast cancer. condition. They should ensure that they use medication that has been approved. This is to ensure that the medication does not affect them negatively.
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Surgery is the other treatment method for gynecomastia. This includes liposuction and mastectomy. Liposuction involves removal of the entire breast. This is done for men with fully developed breasts. Masectomy is done for those whose breasts are still developing. It involves removal of the part of the breast glands responsible for the enlargement of the breasts. A lot of caution should be observed when carrying out these procedures. Only qualified surgeons should be allowed to perform these procedures. Incisions made during mastectomy are not as deep as those for liposuction.
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Sometimes, the condition is caused by malnutrition. These can be due to feeding on foods that increase progesterone production in men. Enlargement of their breasts is caused by very high levels of these hormones in their bodies. Their doctors will recommend to them the right diet. Those with liver cirrhosis are also at risk of having gynecomastia. How the liver functions is hindered by this condition. Hormones are produced by the liver. This results into less testosterone being produced.

Gynecomastia has different methods of treatment to be applied. Finding the effective method of treatment is essential in ensuring that the males get to live confidently. No male person would desire to have enlarged breasts. There are usually specialized doctors to deal with this condition. In order to find the right person to give them treatment, those affected should carry out appropriate research. They will, therefore, get the right treatment on them.

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